Transforming Culinary Skills: The Inspiring Journey of Alana and Lee

Discover the culinary journey of Alana Beardy and Lee Kamenawatamin, graduates turned instructors, as they share their transformative expertise in a 10- week Cooking Program.

We proudly highlight the exceptional accomplishments of Alana Beardy and Lee (Leon) Kamenawatamin, graduates of the comprehensive 52-week Culinary Program with an additional 10-week work placement. These talented individuals, who have amassed impressive work experience, now take on the role of instructors in the transformative 10-week Cooking Program. Alana and Lee’s culinary journey began when they enrolled in the rigorous 52-week Culinary Program in 2017. Throughout this intensive program, they honed their skills and immersed themselves in the culinary arts. As part of the program, they undertook a valuable 10-week work placement, gaining handson experience in real-world culinary settings. After completing their culinary education, Alana and Lee ventured into the culinary industry, accumulating further expertise and refining their craft. Alana returned to her home reserve in Bearskin Lake, where she worked at the well known Chester Fried restaurant, creating meal for her community despite limited resources. Lee, on the other hand, embarked on a journey through various culinary establishments, and returned to SLAAMB for 3 summers managing our very own food truck, showcasing her commitment as an individual contributor. Overall, these experiences broadened their horizons, allowing them to specialize in different culinary techniques. Now, drawing upon their extensive work experience, Alana and Lee have embraced the role of instructors in the 10-week Line Cook Program. This program invited trainees from our remote communities, eager to enhance their culinary skills and embark on their own culinary journeys. As instructors, Alana and Lee have demonstrated unparalleled dedication and passion. Alana and Lee assessed and refined the trainees knife skills, emphasizing precision and safety. They taught proper knife techniques, guiding students through creating dishes from scratch with the mentorship that instilled an appreciation for the culinary arts. The students study kitchen math, recipe chapters, and underwent weekly tests. Alana and Lee also nurture professionalism, encouraging certifications such as In Good Hands and CPR for a secure culinary environment. Alana Beardy and Lee Kamenawatamin embody the spirit of culinary excellence and the transformative power of education. We celebrate the achievements of Alana, Lee, and all the students who have successfully completed the program under their guidance. We wish you all continued success! Bon appétit!

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